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Understanding Customer Pain Points

Consumer and customer insights requires a ton of data crunching and research. You also need to be creative in how you get this information. I spent a lot of time looking at analytics data from every part of our business. From Facebook analytics, to Google analytics to other 3rd party data and social comments. I often talked directly to our customers and to doctors on our B2B side to learn more about their patients needs. These conversations and insights informed many product innovation ideas as well. Customer reviews from your customers and even competitors is a great way to go deeper into the conversation and headspace of the consumer. Often they tell you exactly what they want and need. You just have to listen. It's important for founders to stay in touch with the pulse of their customers and to build advocates in the customer service side who will keep you informed.

Well thought out surveys are also a great way to audit your products and service to find opportunities for improvement. 

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